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Hi. I am Dr. Elliott, a licensed clinical psychologist and coach. While I do also have a traditional therapy practice, Rain into Rainbows is a separate coaching company with a different focus. I feel passionate about helping women persevere through hard times with a strong sense of hope and self-worth. As a psychologist, I have the privilege of walking side-by-side with people during very difficult times and seeing them draw on a resilience they didn’t even know they had. I have witnessed those feeling hopeless discover hope; those feeling lost find themselves; those feeling alone learning to connect and trust again.

    My Story

    Several years ago, I was happily working in my full-time private practice as a therapist when the rug was pulled out from me in my marriage. I discovered betrayal that changed my whole world. As I went through one of the most difficult times of my life, it was not lost on me that my skills as a psychologist were very valuable to my own well-being (not to mention that I also saw my own therapist who was fantastic). Through my education and background, I was extremely fortunate to have a whole arsenal of tools to help me get through that time and come out on the other side with my sense of worth and self-confidence intact. Yes, I went through the same feelings as most people likely do, but I knew how to work through those feelings and figure out who I was and what I wanted my future to be. I want to help other women to do the same. It is vulnerable to share my story, but if it can help someone else not to feel alone while they go through something similar and can help them to come out stronger and more confident, then that is my goal. I am happier and more fulfilled in my life now than I have ever been. What I once thought was the most devastating discovery in my life became the path to freedom and peace. Everyone’s path will look different, and so will the decisions they make along the way, but the goal is to walk that path with a mission of self-discovery and to maintain your integrity.

    My coaching philosophy is one of collaboration. You come into the equation as the expert on yourself and your life. I meet you there as a professional with expertise in things like communication, trust, and self-worth, and as someone who has walked this path personally. Although my personal experience fuels my passion, I have also been trained on how not to let my own feelings color someone else’s experience. The programs at Rain into Rainbows are designed to be customizable to fit each person’s unique needs. Even the self-paced, online course will walk you through a framework that you can tailor to your own situation as you go. It is not my goal to give you advice on major decisions, like whether to stay with your partner or not; it is my job to help you discover your own answers and to find your confidence again regardless of what you decide. That is a deeply personal and life-changing decision and I am very respectful of people having differing philosophies on what is best for them.

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